Grade School

Kindergarten & Elementary

Our core curriculum is aligned with the Florida Curriculum/Benchmarks for grades Kindergarten through Fourth. The focus is on addressing all learning styles and is interactive.

In Science our curriculum is designed around inquiry, discovery, exploration and application. For 2018-2019, our second-grade students will work on-site with our partners from the University of North Florida to explore coding.

Our Social Studies curriculum is built around discovery and exploration. Students will participate in project-based learning that will expose them to ways that will benefit their community.

The Reading curriculum is Pearson: Reading Street. This print/digital curriculum is aligned with the Florida Curriculum/ Benchmarks for grades Kindergarten through Fifth. Each lesson is designed to prepare children how to think critically and guide their understanding. Children are provided with flexible and interactive resources that enable a holistic approach to learning.

Our Math curriculum is Envisions for Kindergarten through Fourth grade. Envisions offers students a comprehensive math program that teaches them skills that will prepare them for college. This program is also aligned with the Florida Curriculum/Benchmarks. Each unit is designed to provide a flexible, hands-on and project-based learning approach. Students work with manipulatives and participate in interactive practices that are individualized to meet their needs.